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NOT Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Country Opera


The plot may sound oddly familiar: operatic sensation Christina Joseph leaves a promising career at La Scala and returns to her roots in Nashville, Tennessee, singing backup at the Country Palace. There she finds an enemy in an aging Country-Western diva and a mentor in a mysterious janitor determined to make her Country Music's newest star.

It's a splashy, hilarious Country-Western send-up of the classic tale of horror, "The Phantom Of The Opera!" Filled with irreverent wit, painful punning, sly contemporary references and more than a touch of the absurd, this shameless romp is a bit like The Nashville Network on acid. And with an unforgettable score that runs the gamut from Grand Opera to Country to Broadway ­ including a little ditty called "Hog Butcher's Daughter" ­ "Phantom Of The Country Opera" has audiences tapping their toes and rolling in the aisles.